Removal of plaque and calculus
Polishing of teeth
Sandblasting of teeth (removal of deposits from coffee, cigarettes, tea... Restoration of natural colour of teeth)
Sealing of fissures in children's teeth
Fabrication of splints (for bruxism, for combat sports, for teeth whitening)
Amalgam fillings (black fillings)
Composite fillings (white fillings)
Composite dental prosthesis
Endodontic treatment of teeth
Teeth jewelry
Composite veneers
Teeth whitening (in-office and at-home)
Avital tooth whitening
Metal-ceramic crowns and bridges
Non-metal crowns and bridges - Zirconia ceramics
Fiberglass construction
Cast construction
Temporary crowns
Complete acrylic dentures
Complete vacuum press dentures
Partial acrylic dentures
Partial skeletal dentures
Partial skeletal denture with attachments
Reparation of dentures
Relining of dentures
Extraction of primary teeth and permanent teeth
Complex extractions of teeth
Surgical extraction of wisdom teeth
Incision of abscesses
Leveling of alveolar ridge
Sealing of dental fistulas
Placement of dental implants
Prosthodontics on dental implants
Active orthodontic appliances
Monoblock appliances
Fixed appliances